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Yoh! I'm a cosplayer with a deep fondness for zombies, chickens and frozen yogurt. At times, I fancy myself a photographer with a love for videography! I'm groovy for cons, cooking and writing! Pleased to meet you! ;)

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An award winning cosplayer and avid advocate for the Cosplay Community, DugFinn often hosts and coordinates cosplay events and panels.

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Born with a camera at the hip, DugFinn engages in photoshoots as both model and photographer. Feel free to contact to scedule a shoot!

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Through chance and cooincidence, a passion for filming blossomed. Often engaged in film projects, DugFinn is often never seen without a camera.

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Event Coordinator

A passionate presence on stage, DugFinn thrives in the lime light. Contact her to help host your event, contest, or panel.

Spotlight Events

I host, MC, and coordinate many events at cons and festivals. Most are cosplay and video game related, but I always love new challenges!

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SXSW Gaming

Image 02Japan Festival of Houston

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Panels and Appearances

Current Projects

I'm often involved in cosplay, video, and writing projects. I love involving the comunity and teaching others about these crafts! Feel free to join me in these projects!

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A Cosplay Tales

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Pokemon, Rockets Go!

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Finished Projects

Completed or retired projects. For more info on current projects, or in how to get involved in future projects, send me a message!

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L4D Run

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A Good Hand

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Resident Evil Residencial Files